Timber Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is like preparing a canvas to paint on. To get a top quality finish it’s important to do the best preparation at the start, because everything at the sanding stage affects the final finish.

With this in mind we use top of the line floor sanding equipment. At Oak Flats Floor Sanding and Polishing we use the best methods and equipment for timber floor sanding the Illawarra has to offer. 

More than simply running a sander over your floorboards, we ensure it is completely ready for floor polishing. We remove carpet and old floor coverings, ensure there are no nail protrusions, fill cracks and holes, and generally prepare your floors for polishing.

Our floor sanding and polishing team regularly do the best sanding and polishing for households, offices, warehouses, schools, restaurants, church halls, community centres and sports halls, so whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

What to Expect:
  • A thorough explanation of all the work that will be carried out
  • Nails punched and puttied, including the filling of knot holes in the floor
  • A comprehensive quote
  • Nails punched and puttied, including the filling of knot holes in the floor
  • Expert sanding and coating
What NOT to Expect:
  • A complete dust free environment. Our machinery is fitted with dust collecting equipment. We wipe down any excess dust that is visible, however it is virtually impossible to totally eliminate dust from the jobsite. This results in some dust particles settling on the newly finished surface.
  • Deep cuts from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges cannot always be totally removed as it may thin the board out to a dangerous level.
  • Removal of stains from excess water (rust marks) around nails and damage from animal urine is virtually impossible. The filling of gaps between the boards (flood filling) is not advisable as any movement or shrinkage can crack the filler making it unsightly and dangerously sharp.
  • Don’t expect any filler to feel the same as the timber after the application of the coatings.
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